Electric Vehicles: Useful Links and Resources

Choosing an Electric Vehicle

Choosing a vehicle is an important part of your decision to switch to electric and there are a range of options available to suit different budgets, driving styles and tastes. The RAC have published a handy guide and tips for those looking to enter the EV market.

Journey Range Calculator

Use Car Wows smart calculator to help you which EV may best suit your needs, based upon the typical type of journeys you make and how often you expect to need to charge your car.

Journey Cost Savings

Use the Journey Cost Calculator to discover the savings you could enjoy by switching from a petrol or diesel car to an electric vehicle.

Charging Point Map

Zap-Map have a map of the electric vehicle charging points across the UK. Find charging points near you, locate charging points on a journey you’re planning and much more!

Compare EV Energy Tariffs

For many electric vehicle drivers, charging at home is a crucial part of ownership. The convenience of plugging in overnight and waking up to find a fully charged car is familiar to a large number of owners. Zap-Map have created an EV energy tariff tool to help you find the right energy supplier, often those offering lower unit costs overnight when you’ll typically be charging your EV.

Home Charging Calculator

Use Zap-Map’s home charging calculator to find out how long and how much it costs to charge at home. The results can be tailored to your home energy costs.

Car Tax Calculator

Use Zap-Map’s car tax calculator to compare the road tax, company car tax and the congestion charge payable over three years for a plug-in vehicle compared to a conventional petrol or diesel car.

More Information

If still haven’t found the information you’re looking for in our various electric vehicle posts, then here are some more useful places to find information.